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Veras, Esq.



After a failed attempt at playing professional baseball I immigrated to the United States during my teen years in search of a better future. I have always had a passion and love for the law and started my legal journey by obtaining a Paralegal Studies degree from Miami Dade College. Afterwards, I obtained a Bachelors degree there with the ultimate goal of going to law school. Upon graduating with honors for both degrees I was admitted to Nova Southeastern University to pursue my law degree. Four years later, I completed my law degree at Nova, finishing in the top ten percent of my class and graduating with honors.

Throughout my time obtaining an education, I worked for a debt servicing and purchasing entity focused exclusively in bankruptcy debt. During the past ten years, I have learned the ins and outs of the Bankruptcy Code. I was fortunate to intern for a federal judge to solidify my experience of federal court practice.

After spending years in a corporate office, I decided to open my practice to provide individualized and high quality service that adds outstanding value to my clients. I still love baseball and love watching the game, but my passion is now helping my clients when they are faced with difficult decisions.

5951 NW 173rd Drive, Suite 1, Miami, FL 33015

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